What makes our honey special?

 We provide pure, raw honey straight from the bees directly to you. We manage a Russian strain of honey bee. The "Russian" honey bee has a natural resistance to the mites which have been plaguing bees worldwide which means we don't need to use antibiotics, herbicides or pesticides in our hives. We also don't heat or filter our honey so all the goodness from the hives goes right into your jar.


We harvest honey several times during the year which yields varietals of honey, including the prized Sourwood. Yes, just like wine, honey tastes different dependent on the season it was created by the bees and from year to year as well.


Sourwood Honey is the honey which the southeast is noted for. Sourwood honey from the Southern Appalachians has been recognized as the best honey in the world at four international competitions. The Sourwood tree is a native tree which typically grows in non-cultivated areas so is less prone to the hazards of pesticides.

But how do you know what you're getting is real Sourwood Honey?

Surprisingly, research is showing that color is not a true determining factor of purity. Sweet Betsy Farm Sourwood Honey is certified by Texas A&M University to be 80% to 90% Sourwood nectar. The North Carolina Honey Standard states: Based on pollen analysis, at least 51% of the honey must come from the labeled floral source.”

Our retail store has a variety of honey, Award

winning raw beeswax, pasture raised eggs,

pottery, beeswax ornaments and other

handcrafted gift items perfect for souvenirs.

Visiting family or friends?

Surprise them with a nice jar of honey

as the perfect hostess present. 

We always have award-winning honey and we even have an observation hive in the store so you can get a close up window to the bees' world. 

Russian honeybee on sourwood tree blossom

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