After careers in Geology (Ed) and Nursing/Healthcare Consulting (Karen) which have taken us across the United States and around the world, we have settled on several acres in Ed's hometown of Marion, NC for this adventure in rural life. When we were cautioned a number of years ago that beekeeping was addictive, we laughed but they had the last laugh. 


Since that naïve start many years ago, we have expanded our home apiary to 30 hives, Karen won Best in Show for the honey category at the Western North Carolina Fair two years running and we even teach at our local beginning beekeeping course.

We are often asked where we came up with the name for Sweet Betsy Farm and the simple story is that it is named after our very first chicken. Sweet Betsy was a Golden Comet and lived a long and fruitful life. Betsy was unique in that she loved to be picked up and petted, was always "talking" to everyone who went by and had a little "curl" in her comb. She commanded the coop in a gentle but firm way and reminded Ed of a favorite family member.

We've fallen in love with beekeeping and honey bees and learn something new from them with every encounter. We love share our excitement and knowledge with our neighbors and visitors and encourage you to ask questions and learn about the amazing world of the honeybee.

We looking forward to meeting you in person!

Ed and Karen Speer

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